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Cybersecurity: Raising awareness and taking action
While 2022 has been a record year in terms of cyber-attacks, we should not expect that the
rate of cyber incidents will decrease in 2023. For this reason, companies are investing more
and more in cybersecurity, as they must also raise awareness and train their employees.
The year 2023 is not over yet. However, we already know that records will be broken in terms
of (cyber)security attacks. In fact, the Beltug Association of CIOs and digital technology
leaders recently indicated that security and privacy awareness and IT security governance
strategy were in the top three priorities of Belgian ICT decision-makers. Furthermore, in the
top 10 priorities, minimal 6 of them were related to the Cyber security. In that context, the
Federation of Technology companies Agoria has just unveiled a study which shows that in
2021, Belgium experienced no less than 37,982 incidents of cybercrime, i.e. more than 100
cyberattacks per day, which is an increase of 37% compared to 2019. Additionally, in 2020, 42%
of Belgian SMEs were confronted with a cyber-incident.

Therefore, teleworking, acceleration of digitalisation and cloud usage made it absolutely
urgent to deploy an effective security strategy in organisations whose IT platforms and data
must be accessible remotely 24/7 and 365 days per year. Accordingly, both employees and
partners (customers, suppliers, etc.) now expect to have access to the organisation's IT
resources and data at all times. As a result, the perimeter of a company's activities is
becoming blurred and security is becoming global and omnipresent.

This event will be an opportunity to take stock of the security challenges of an increasingly
international, digital and interconnected environment. The aim is to offer company managers
and IT decision-makers a pragmatic approach to their concerns by presenting the latest
technological developments in this field and enable them to meet the players in the field to
support them in their security policy. Visitors will be able to attend a day of inspiring
conferences, based on presentations on Data Security and Protection, Cybersecurity,
Networks, etc.

Date: October 5, 2023 - From 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Address: Van Der Valk Hotel Nivelles-Sud - Chaussée de Mons 22, 1400 Nivelles

Partnering Press: Magazines 'Solutions' for Belgium and 'Soluxions' for Luxembourg, Online magazine Regional IT –Wallonia-Brussels, Global Security Mag.



How can you get to Van Der Valk Hotel?

By car :

  • Highway E19/A7 Paris-Brussels then take exit 19 in the direction «Wavre – Nivelles-Sud»
  • Highway E420/A54 Charleroi-Brussels then take exit 20 in the direction «Petit-Roeulx – Nivelles-Sud»
  • National Highway 25 Wavre/Louvain-la-Neuve-Nivelles and Regional road 24 in direction «Braine-le-Comte – Nivelles-Sud»

Many parking lots will be free in front of the hotel.

By train :

  •  SNCB station in Nivelles : 3 km distance
  • Station Brussels-Midi (Eurostar, ICE et Thalys): 32.5 km distance

By bus :

From the SNCB train station Nivelles :

  • TEC 72 (in direction of station MANAGE) – Get off at the Nivelles Shopping station
  • TEC 74 (in direction of station Feluy Place) - Get off at the Nivelles Shopping station

New: included on October 5, 2023, Industrial Cybersec Forum 2023

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