Security Forum (FR)

Next edition:

April 5, 2022 @ Cité International Universitaire de Paris




After having proven itself in Belgium on October 2019, 2020 and 2021, Security Forum arrives in France for the very first time. An opportunity for you to take stock of the cybersecurity, the expectations of the sector and companies, as well as the challenges related to security.

Security Forum will be held on April 5, 2022 at the Cité International Universitaire in Paris. This is an opportunity for you to take stock of the issues surrounding online security in an evermore digital and connected world.



The first Security Forum in France will take place at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris. A unique and astonishing place in the capital. Easily accessible by car and with a parking area, it is also served by public transport. This place will offer to the attendees the possibility of optimising their precious time by putting in the same place conferences on hot topics and the presentation of technical solutions related to your profession and data security. We look forward to seeing you on April 5, 2022 to discover our sponsors who will tell you all about the news concerning the necessary actions and means to be implemtented in order to safeguard online security



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